Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Add to the Catalog

I got a good ways towards being done with the ruched pieces yesterday; the collar's ready to sew onto the blouse, and I've got the cuffs almost half done. It's not coming out dead perfect; you won't see close up photography of the ruched pieces, but it's good enough to get by anyone who's not a home ec teacher or a 4-H judge ;).

So, confession time...I'm a little behind parity at the moment. That's ok, I long as I sew it down before buying anything else (and there's a package coming from Fabric Mart any day now with two more pieces). But...I've given myself permission to take advantage of fabulous sales or unusual purchasing opportunities, so I'm not going to go on a guilt trip over it.

I've got three pieces in the 'in' column so far...3 1/2 yards of brushed-back satin, purchased for new jammies at Hancock's. I'd never seen brushed-back satin there, and it's my absolute favorite fabric for sleepwear, since the flannel back is warm and the satin face doesn't velcro up to the flannel sheets. It's been four years since I last made a pair of brushed-back satin jammies, and they're really starting to look ratty, so I've been kind of on the lookout for some.

The other two 'in' fabrics are both from Michael's latest sale...50% off of a black silk/wool suiting for choir wear, and 75% off a piece of black wool w/ uneven pinstripes...that'll be a pair of interesting pants, which will also be choir wear. It's very lightweight; I really think I can wear these year-round, even in Alabama. Nice, nice fabric!

And, that same trip to Hancock's netted a few patterns...

Butterick 4978, which may get made up in a lovely retro-looking floral silk chiffon that was one of my very first Emma One Sock purchases;

Butterick 5101, just because I seem to be on a wrap-top kick lately (at least I'm acquiring several wrap-top patterns...I really, really need to make one or two up...)

and, since I had a coupon for 10% off the day's purchases, Kwik Sew 3583 (the Kwik Sew site seems to be having technical difficulties, I'll link to it when it's fixed), a cute little dress that could be elegantly formal in the long length or cute and kicky in the short length. I thought DD might like it, but I shoulda known better. If I bring it home, it's forever tainted with the uncool Mom cooties....

I'm not likely to get anywhere on the ruching today; I've a dentist appointment and a ton of errands to run. But there's sleet in the forecast this evening; I suppose there's a *remote* possibility the evening's obligations will be curtailed due to weather. We'll see...


  1. Very funny, "the uncool Mom cooties". Yes, I have one of those too, she usually decides later that she likes what mom initially picked.

  2. OH.....I WISH we would have winter weather precip!! My kids haven't seen it hardly and I would LOVE for them to get at least one good snow or something once a year.

    I'm beginning to understand the "uncool MOm cooties" right now. I can't even go out shopping with Sophie....If I like it, I can pretty much count that she will not like it! It is VERY frustrating. This TWEEN age is very interesting!!! Gotta run!
    Love ya,