Thursday, March 15, 2007

Spring 07 Costuming

It Has Begun.

Last Tuesday (as in, the night before I left town to go to the Atlanta Expo), at the first general rehearsal for our Easter (well, month of April) drama/skit/production/sermon illustrations/whatever you want to call it, I was handed the costumer's folder. I really had no idea what was inside, but I sure wasn't expecting specs for new Roman Soldier costumes (modifications to the current black vinyl 'armor' tabbards, four additional complete costumes for a total of 12, capes for all, wrist and shin guards for all and new tunics/shorts in a different color and style for all). I'll be honest...I lost ten minutes right there; didn't hear a word anyone said, trying to get over the punched in the gut sensation I had as I looked at the specs and did some quick math regarding fabric and time required (48 yards and 60 hours, respectively). Fortunately Miss A and I *were* headed for Atlanta, home of multiple JoAnn's and Hancock's, so we were able to accumulate about 50 yards of rayon/poly linen look in a creamy white (cleaned out one JoAnn's and one Hancock's of it completely...the other JoAnn's had a larger supply and so we only got 2/3 of theirs). That wasn't exactly the fabric requested for the tunics and shorts...'lightweight canvas-type cotton' I believe is what the sketch was labeled...but it's as close as we're gonna get. Tonight I will be trying to ascertain just exactly is requested; I'm getting conflicting messages. The spec sheet wants tighter fitting stuff that looks lean and mean; but in my discussions with real people it sounds like last year's costumes felt skimpy on the guys that wore them and they want something that feels, um, less like underwear. So we'll talk.

And we're about 10 costumes short of having enough for the ladies, but I knew that and had a plan for working on it...which has now been *slightly* modified.

I've been in email contact with my sewing lady friends at church and I think I have enough help to pull it off, but it will take another sewing frenzy.

But, there HAVE been some discussions with the folks who passed this along to me, and hopefully in the future I'll be in on any planning meetings so I won't get blindsided by something like this again. If the difficulties we are encountering finally force us all to develop some good planning procedures, then it will be worth the effort.

At least it's Bible Costumes and not Dickens dresses! ;)


  1. Yes, if you are doing the sewing you should be in on the planning! I hope you have a lot of help with this project. BTW I read you everyday and am inspired to get things done by all your accomplihments.


  2. Good to 'meet' you , Maureen! And Thanks!

    yeah, I kinda thought it would be nice to be in the planning, too...I'm glad I finally seem to have gotten that point across. The, um, planners apparently thought I didn't want to be bothered...or something like that. Anyway, I should have more advance notice on things in the future. *hope, hope*

  3. Yep, definitely get those planners to understand that planning ahead involves bothering the costumer EARLY rather than at the last minute. Yikes - 60 hours of work to be blindsided by? That's pretty bothered, I'd say.

  4. Um, that's quite a lot to ask of your time. I realize it's for a ministry, but that's no excuse for you not to be included in the planning (which should have been right after Christmas!).

    That said, I've made Roman soldier costumes before. That was years ago in California. Good luck and please show us a completed picture!

  5. You really put things into perspective for me--I have 20 yards of white broadcloth in the washer preparing to become 3 angel costumes and one robe. I've already made 2 hooded capes and may or may not have to make 2 more. This is for a 10 minute, 5 student play--Scenes from Pilgrim's Progress--and the angels will be on stage for about the last 30 seconds of the play. And after reading your post, I feel good about what I have to accomplish here! You never cease to amaze and inspire me!
    Thanks! Tina W