Sunday, March 04, 2007

Frenzy Finished

In addition to these, I finished out a sleeveless shell from the remnant of the black and white stripe, and the black Jalie tank top that's been in the queue since January (well, I *did* have black thread in the serger...). I probably don't look wonderfully fresh in the photos, but this was after two church services and serving and helping clean up after our bi-monthly visitors luncheon.

We had amazing worship this morning with the Masters' Commission kids added to the choir; we had to jury-rig a riser system that would hold everyone. It was kinda funny; there were only two ladies in black and white and my DD. And no, we didn't plan it! I ended up standing next to DS on the risers...he doesn't consider himself a singer, but all of HMC is kinda drafted into their choir, so he had to join us too. I thought it was nifty, anyway.

I will probably not get the reviews written/updated until tomorrow sometime; right now, I'm tired enough that I don't know that I could be even close to coherent....

Anyway, if you're going to the Atlanta Expo...I'll be in the In The Trenches outfit on Thursday.

Yay! Only two years after I got the pattern and fabric.... :rolleyes:


  1. Your Cadeau is very striking. Love the earrings with it! Glad to know what color outfit to look for on Thursday--I'm volunteering then and people are usually a blur!

  2. Nice job! Both look great. The blue looks cool and put together for summer. Ishiver just looking at you though, I'm sure there's summer somewhere on the planet - it's 2 degrees here today.

  3. I grew up in central Indiana, where March was blustery and unpredictable; snow on Easter (when it was in March) was not unheard of. I had a hard time adjusting to living a day's drive away from my family...until March rolled around. March is pretty much spring in North Alabama. The cold days are the exception...we have trees budding and it was 68 today.

    Wanna come down for a visit? :)

  4. Nice job on both projects. I love the striped top, very flattering on you!