Wednesday, October 25, 2006

A word from Trudy

I emailed Hot Patterns with my questions about the Trouser Skirt; Trudy very graciously responded that yes, the back waist is *supposed* to be slightly higher than the front waist; mine is a little higher than intended, for whatever reason. Also, the panels are supposed to quarter the skirt, but the drafting software they have doesn't like doing it for the different sizes. So, depending on how far removed one is from the original draft, the panels will be proportioned differently.

That's not necessarily bad; it just different than the illustration and I'm glad to know which way was the 'intended version'. Now I can decide which way I want my version...

Actually, this morning I had a brainstorm for today's blog topic but, being Wednesday and Bible Study day, I didn't have time to type it up. Of course, my mind is completely blank now and I have no idea what it was I intended to write about. I should've put a sticky note on the monitor (amongst all the other sticky notes on the monitor). So Trudy's response saved my entry today by giving me something to say...

Maybe I'll remember what my Brilliant Post Topic was...eventually.

(like the Fisherman's Lie: oh, you should've seen the one that got away...)

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