Thursday, October 05, 2006

New 'Do

My friend DeeAnn finally rented some booth space in a local shop and began taking new clients...I saw her on the second day and she cut my hair to work with the curl. Unfortunately, I can't find my diffuser, so this photo looks frizzier than it really will be when I do it right:

It's a little different than I have had, but it's long enough that I can still pull it out of my face if I need to. I think I'm going to like it...DH and the younger DKids do. Dunno what the older kids will think...I haven't seen them since it was cut. But I feel perkier now!


  1. L,

    I love the cut! Miss D always does a great job.

    See you Sat.,


  2. You look really cute -- and about 10 years younger! I love when a good haircut can do that for a gal!


  3. Very pretty, youthful curls! Love it!

  4. Before I even read the subject of that entry, I saw the pic and thought--"great new do"! Looks fantastic and bouncy. I say, if you've got curls, flaunt 'em.

  5. I like it! I'd happily take some of your curl.

  6. LOL! Gigi, believe me, there are many days when I'd gladly give you some!

    I gotta get some more gel... :)

  7. Love the new "do"!!!!