Thursday, October 19, 2006

Extra Post: Muslin Update

The shoulder pads came today; I gave DS a quick lesson on fashion photography and took some pictures:

The shoulder pads really did make a difference. (Keep in mind, I have altered the right side front and back, but left the left side alone for comparison.) I cut in the front armsceye a bit more; putting the vertical portion on the straight of grain as best I could. It still looked a little saggy on the right...not in the same way as it did earlier...farther down. I thought about taking up the princess seam going into the armhole, but decided perhaps I'd overcompensated on the full bust adjustment. So I stitched the vertical portion back up.

Better, but now the diagonal pull lines are back. Perhaps half the orignal adjustment is what I need.

Anyway, it's looking very, very close. I think I'm ready for the linen tweed.


  1. It's looking really good! The back is great and except for your minor diagonal lines in front, it's very nice. Those shoulder pads with the sleeve head extension are like magic, aren't they? Can't wait for your linen test jacket!

  2. Lisa, try making a horizontal tuck 1/2" deep all the way around the jacket at halfway between the waist and the full bust level. I think you'll see most of that diagonal wrinkle disappear.

  3. Lisa, I agree with Liana - it's a great jacket that looks fabulous on you even as a muslin.

    And I just realized you posted a question on my blog about the HP trouser skirt a d I never answered you! I so sorry about that. You're observation about the panels is correct and you traced off correctly too. I think the envelope sketch shows the panel proportions as they would look for the smallest 2 sizes. Also, I've noticed the width of those panels doesn't change as the sizes go up.

    The skirt I had in the 80's was slightly different in a few details - it had a fly front, a back slit instead of a pleat, and was the same length, but it didn't have the panels.

    I find the HP skirt to be more flattering actually, and I wear it almost every week, I love it so much! It looks great with boots.

  4. Oh, Phyllis, I just posted that question a day or two ago; no problems! It really hasn't been sitting there ignored. I know it's hard to catch questions posted on old blog entries; I just wasn't sure how else to get it asked. Thanks for answering the question for I just need to decide what *I* want ;)