Thursday, October 26, 2006

I Remembered....

Ok, so it's not the wittiest post EVER, like I let on yesterday...but it'll do... ;)

DH attends a huge conference for engineers every year in the spring; one of those "Come and attend committee meetings and listen to papers presented on various topics such as 'The Use of Inflatables in Construction of Space Vehicle Components'" conferences; not something where anyone hears anything nearly as entertaining as Cynthia Guffey discussing reasons why you may opt to make a dress with a higher side slit than the pattern originally called for. But he's on one of the Technical Committees for his professional organaization and so he has been known to chair one of the sessions during the conference. So he kinda has to go.

This conference used to be held in Palm Springs, CA every year, but some time ago the Powers That Be decided to move it around the country, so that now the meeting rotates from the East Coast, to the West Coast, and then Somewhere in the Middle. Next year it will be in the West...really west. The meeting will be in Hawaii.

When DH found out, he told me 'Ok, you need to come to this one'. Now, we have tried to arrange it so I could go on other occasions...most noteably when it was in Atlanta a few years ago. I thought it would be *great* to go to Atlanta; we could drive over, so I could load up a TON of sewing projects, machines and supplies, and sew laundry-free, cooking-free, guilt-free for the whole week while he was in meetings, and when he was free in the evenings we could go to nice restaurants together. Unfortunately, there was no one to watch the kids for us so I stayed home and he went. To be honest, I don't see how we could get around that same obstacle. If the kids weren't in school, it wouldn't be so bad, but being's how the conference is held while school is in session, it's not likely we'll find someone who can stay with the kids, make sure they get to and from school and tend to their homework.

But that's not the only issue w/a trip to Hawaii...the thought of sitting in an airplane that long gives me the heebie-jeebies. I don't fly well. It's not a fear factor thing; I have a tendancy to motion sickness. To put it bluntly, I don't like throwing up in public. I'd love to go to Hawaii with my sweetie. But I don't want to fly. And I don't want him to go without me. It's a serious Catch-22.

So, I complained to him about the Powers that Be having the thing in Hawaii. Why not somewhere on the mainland?
DH replied, "Believe it or not, it's cheaper to host a conference in Hawaii than anywhere on the West Coast".

That surprised me. From folks in the family who have been to Hawii, I've always believed Hawaii was a pretty expensive place to do anything. I guess that it is a SOP to have really low rates for things like conference room rentals and such in order to draw conferences, so that the conferees then must come and spend their dollars in places where the prices aren't cut. Just a guess. But it *was* cheaper for the sponsoring organizations...anyway, it's in Hawaii.

"It's too bad they didn't do it in, say, San Franciso." I was still stuck in whine mode. "We could visit your brother..."

"Yes," he agreed, "That would've been nice."

"And, oh, while you were doing the conference, I could've gone to Britex and Stone Mountain and Daughter and...."

He interrupted me, "Well, like I said, it's cheaper to go to Hawaii..."

The man has a point... ;)


  1. I dreaded it the first time I went. I didn't think I could take the plane ride. I didn't think it would be any fun. I didn't think nauseum.

    Actually I thought it would be like too much like Florida, but it wasn't.

    It is just as beautiful as anyone has ever told you. They have fabric shops. It's beautiful. They have ethnic parades and celebrations. It's beautiful. They have nature. It's beautiful. They have snorkeling. That's beautiful, too.

    I liked it so much that I went back a second time--stayed three weeks and visited 3 of the islands. That meant multiple plane rides and it was all worth it! I'd go back again, given the chance.

    Go! You won't regret it. (If you need any more persuasion, I'll bring pictures to Expo this year!)

  2. i'm totally a new reader, but I have one word for you. acupuncture. Seriously, it made it possible for me to fly. give it a shot. it's a once in a lifetime opportunity.

  3. Honestly, what will make or break the deal isn't a miracle anti-nausea drug, or willful determination on my's babysitting. Although in all honesty, he will be tied up with conference sessions and committee meetings almost all day every day, even into the evening; we'd really only get a couple of hours together. Of course, the hotel that's hosting the conference has graciously extended the conference rates to attendees for a couple of days before and/or after the conference, but, needless to say, that would have to come from our pocket, not the travel expense account.

    But if I knew we had kidcare...yeah, I'd probably suck it up and go. Such a sacrifice... ;)

  4. I hope you reconsider coming to Hawaii. I would love to meet you after reading your blog these many months. I feel like I know you. The flight is really a breeze.

    Geri in Hawaii

  5. Geri, I think we were commenting at the same time! I actually thought it'd be neat to go and meet fellow sewing enthusiasts who live in Hawaii; I figured I could get a tour of the local fabric truth, it depends on what we can do with the dkids. We have no family in this area; this is always our sticking point on any kind of 'mom and dad' time...

  6. Lisa,

    I may have an idea about the babysitting thing... I wanted to take my DH to NYC for our anniversary, but was faced with the same problem - what to do with the kids for the 4 days. Well... I asked DS's homeroom teacher if she knew any teachers that did overnight sitting, and it turns out that there were 7 teachers at the school that do.

    Teachers don't make good money and most take on all sorts of part-time jobs.

    So, it turns out the homeroom teacher is one of the ones that sit, and she has now kept the two kids three different times. AND, since she lives near the school, they just stay at her place. She also handles the homework and everything.

    Just a thought. If you have a good relationship with one of their teachers, ask if they know anyone. Worked for me, and now I have a reliable adult that can take care of my kids overnight.

    (former Alabama Belle from SW)