Monday, October 16, 2006

We're taking a break

I think I mentioned that there was some hesitation over whether or not we would do Scrooge this year; we went ahead with auditions, but participation from the congregation was down from the last two years and, after more prayer and listening, the decision was made to let everyone have a rest this year.

So -- wow, what shall I do with my time? Finish all the 'house moving/settling' tasks that have been put off, organize/sort the costumes at church (but that'll be a one-day-a-week thing)...maybe even sew down my stash.

I decided to treat myself to a holiday jacket; I ordered some of Nancy Erikson's 'Lurex Boxes'...a red wool with a small black/silver Lurex plaid pattern. Not sure which pattern I'll use, but I intend to make it quickly...I'll even put it ahead of the already-cut projects in the queue.

And I think we'll try to have a holiday party this year.

But I may be getting ahead of myself; just because we're not doing Scrooge doesn't mean we won't do anything at all...but whatever we do, it will be smallish and low-key. So life will be more-or-less normal for the rest of the year.

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