Thursday, October 19, 2006

*Gasp* More Bible-Era Costumes...

Word is leaking out that our Christmas Event this year will be...

a Living Nativity in our parking lot.

With animals and everything.

I *think* we've got enough Bible costumes to pull it off (especially if we put the newly-costumed Master's Commission students in the cast), with the exception of The Three Kings.

Now, technically, the Magi were not at the manger at all. They didn't show up until a couple years or so later. And we've no idea how many there were. However, Christmas card art and holiday music have so ingrained the public that I expect we'll do the Traditional Thing, and at least show three of them on their way.

Since all our Bible costume productions have been Passion Plays to date, we have no fancy costumes for Eastern Sages. These will be fun to do, I think. More about trim than fabric, probably.

Although, if truth were told...they probably weren't all that wealthy and splendid-looking. They were, after all, astronomers, not kings. Ah, tradition....

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