Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Monday Night Cutting

On Monday nights, DH and Dkids go to Bible Study Fellowship (I'm a BSF grad myself), and we have an early dinner...so, once they leave, I have the table available for large projects for the rest of the evening. So, Mondays have become my pattern tracing/altering/garment cutting nights. Last night, I finally altered the Sewing Workshop Cityscapes dress (which has apparently been discontinued; it's not on the SW site) so that it was 4" shorter...not difficult, just kind of tedious...and cut the dress out of some teal slinky I'd purchased from SewKeysE at the Atlanta Expo for this very dress (oh, I'm so proud of me...it only took 7 months, and it's the intended pattern!). I also finally cut out a muslin (that's what I'm telling myself, but if it fits I'll wear it) of the HotPatterns Cadeau T-shirt pattern that I printed and taped up last December (it was a free download available for a limited time; you can see the reviews for it HERE, if you didn't see it before). The fabric is the cornflower blue slinky-type knit that followed me home from Wal-mart a couple of weeks back; if it fits, I'll have a cool top for $2.70; if it doesn't, I'll have learned what adjustments I need to make on the top.

Building the queue, building the queue... ;)

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