Friday, October 27, 2006

More Fabric Coming....

Where, oh where has all my resolve gone...
Oh where, oh where can it be?
To sew mostly what I've had all along
Keeping myself 'New Stash Free'...

12 yards from should be here early next week.

Ok, 7 yards are flannel sheeting for new warm bedsheets; greatly needed, and, as it is the same color as my waiting-to-be-sewn cotton sheeting, I can do both sets at once and (hopefully) pretty quickly.

The rest are wardrobe needs for both me and DD.

But I have such a short time to make parity and so little time to do it in...

I've spent an awfully lot of time working on the muslins; BTW, I'm not going to count the muslins as 'done' until I've transfered the changes to the pattern.

And I still don't know yet what we'll be doing for Christmas costumes. There is potential for a lot of sewing, but we've got a big community outreach that we're doing next week and Christmas plans have kind of been pushed to the back burner until that's done.

So I guess I should sew while the coast is clear...maybe even make some Christmas stuff...

I basically have 60 yards to sew to get to parity, including the yardage on order.

I *could* sew 7 yards a week...if I did nothing else... ;) I guess it's not unthinkably out of reach.

Just close.

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