Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Seasonal Switch

It happens about every six months...roughly corresponding to the time change. The current season's clothes are pulled from drawers and closets; the upcoming season's clothes are pulled from the storage bins and they switch. Outgrown kids' (well, hopefully kids')clothes go to the Salvation Army, lists are made of what is needed, and a huge pile of laundry works its way through the system.

Even though we could still have temps in the 80's for a few more weeks, it's time. DKids are home from school...the evenings are chilly...and I'm about to get busy w/Scrooge.

So...out come the bins. Maybe I'll get something sewn this week. Maybe not....


  1. temps in the 80s???? wow, that would be great! we're supposed to get a high of 40 today. this morning it was 29, but according to, it felt like 19 with the wind chill.

    and ds balked at wearing his winter coat! sheesh, kids!

  2. Our high today was about 65; with a brisk north wind it definitely feels fall-ish. The Farmer's Almanac has forecast a cold winter for pretty much the eastern US, including our part of it, so I'm kinda hoping for some good cold weather this year...our bug population needs some serious reduction. We've had three or four pretty mild winters, and the bugs are lovin' it.

    Dare I even hope for one snow day???