Saturday, June 30, 2007

Yesterday's sewing

The great thing about a sewing queue is that, although it may seem like there's a long time when nothing gets done, suddenly, things get finished.

I finished the Batik City Dress yesterday; I actually purchased the fabric to make this dress two years ago, and, although I was tempted, did not change my mind! I know this is not an on-trend design at this moment in the fashion world, but it's a comfy summer dress and I'll wear it a lot.

I also finished the skirts for my nieces. Without going into details, I'll just say that life has thrown them a serious curve ball and they're growing up in a difficult situation that really is nobody's fault. But my mother, who seems to be the one who sort of oversees their wardrobes, has lamented that it's difficult to find age-appropriate clothing for them, and, while neither one wear skirts or dresses very much, there are times when something a little dressy is in order. They're a year apart in age, but virtually the same size...a little bigger than DD. At first, I thought I'd use the KS pattern I modified for DD's black/turquoise skirt, but quailed when I realized I'd have to trace a larger size and redraft the flounces. Hancock's pattern sales to the rescue...I picked up McCall's 5134 for a dollar, and found that the measurements Mom sent were spot on size 12. So I just traced off the skirt in a size 12 and made two w/no alterations (well, I left off the bling) from a couple of the mod knits I picked up at Sir's last month. I'll *try* and get photos of them on the girls when we're up north next will be interesting to see how this long-distance sewing works out.

DD, however, was most intrigued w/the scraps. No sewing here...just some creative fun. But I have been informed that 'It's time for you to give me another sewing lesson, Mom!'

Hm. I guess so. ;)

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  1. Cute skirts! I'm glad to see that I'm not the only sewer with children who take off with the scraps. My son actually makes all sorts of interesting outfits for stuffed animals and dolls!