Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Mind the House

Ok, when I start dreaming about cleaning house it's time to hit 'PAUSE' on the sewing machine and resurrect my housewifely skills...or at least try. So I'll likely not get much sewing done today. I've got SERIOUS budget catching up to do... we're switching to a new accounting program and it's backlogged from, um, January. But I think My Sweet Baboo finally got the last kink out of the transfer last night and now all I have to do is back balance Jan and Feb, then spend a couple of days entering the next 4 months. Not fun, but it'll be SO NICE to actually know what's what in the budget. After Feb is balanced out, I can drop the old system and just go with the new one, so it'll go a little faster. Once it's Caught Up, a little weekly maintenance should keep it it good shape.

Meantime, I've got bathroom cleaner working away in the master bathroom and laundry inching its way through the machines.

And an orthodontist appt. for the two younger dkids in the middle of the day.

But, if I'm a good girl and work hard, I *may* let myself sew a bit this evening while My Sweet Baboo is working with the Urban Rangers at church. I'm finally working on the Batik Butik rayon I got from Timmel Fabrics about 2 years ago. It's going to be the Loes Hinse City Dress. I figured I'd just do that one next, since the fabric has a black background and there was black thread in the serger... ;) Anyway, all I have left to do on the bodice is hem the second sleeve, then I'm ready to start on the skirt. It really won't take long to finish it up; Loes' patterns are pretty quick to make.

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