Wednesday, June 13, 2007

I'm Committed Now

And the winner of the 'what'll be my eyelet skirt pattern' toss is...

Cutting Line Designs FarewellTOArms skirt!

Yeah, I know...that wasn't even on the short list. But I was checking skirts made from my two 'gores w/godets' patterns, sort of thinking that I'd leave the godets un-underlined if they didn't come up too high, and saw my FTA skirt in the closet and realized that was perfect...only four pieces, nice I cut it out, with a black crepe underlining.

AND I had enough eyelet left to cut out Vogue 8398; view A w/o the collar, with the blue cotton as the underlining. I altered the pattern and made a quick muslin. It's Really Ugly...and hard to I'm not posting a photo. But all I needed to do was take a bit of the curve out of the shoulder and I was good to go.

I have one more pattern already altered and ready to cut so I think I'll cut it out, too, before I put away all the stuff. But I'll have a good long queue ready for sewing!

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