Monday, June 18, 2007

Date Night

Ok, maybe Monday isn't the top of the list for nights to Go Out...but the younger kids are at camp and the older kids will be attending the college/career ministry tonight.

So My Sweet Baboo and I are actually going to use a restaurant gift card and have an evening out. We won't have to worry about anybody at home; we can stay out as late as we want.

Or as late as we can manage ;)

We might even see a movie. I think the last movie we saw on a 'date' was the original Pirates of the Caribbean... we really don't get out enough...

Hm. Wonder what's playing...


  1. Date Night - How much fun is that???

    The hubby and I have a weekly routine that I am proud to admit he came up with all by himself...

    Monday: Money and Finances
    Tuesday: Talk
    Wednesday: Walk after Bible Study
    Thursday: Theatre (movies our or at home)
    Friday: Family night

    I pray you all have had a wonderful evening!

  2. Very nice! My 6 yo DD told some people that Daddy and I hadn't had a date since she was in my belly! Guess it's time for us to have a date night!