Saturday, June 09, 2007

Another Wadder Salvaged

I intended to be going well w/DD's white dress, and I got the eyelet part cut...but, when I pulled some stashed cotton broadcloth for the underlining, I had a glitch: it had never been preshrunk. So, to make the 'laundry time' productive, I went back to the process of replacing the front on my Simplicity 4074 surplice top. I'd already pulled the original front off and recut the new one, so it was just a matter of finishing the neckline on the new front and plugging it back into the shirt.

I freely admit I *hate* doing stuff like this, but, as I've mentioned before, I hate wadders, too...with such a passion that I'll do anything to avoid one. Even replacing the whole front of a finished princess-style knit top.

I suppose I might add that this top *really* wanted to be a wadder. The almost icing on the cake was that it somehow jumped under the serger knives (it's been, oh, 4 years since I had a garment do that to me?) and got a nick in the body. Fortunately, it was in the underwrap side, and just a few tack stitches should hold that boo-boo safely hidden away. Tension problems w/the sewing machine (could've been User Error; I was doing it at night...) means that the hems are a little wavy. But at this point I'm not going to redo them, although if it bugs me enough I could redo it at some point in the future.

But at least I have a top that's wearable now!
Um, one or two people expressed an interest in seeing the original front, so here 'tis. I'll just say that 1)the bust point is not marked on this pattern and 2) it occurs lower down on the front than you'd think. Those two open flowers, with the circle...were centered only about 1/2" below the full bust. It looked *really bad*, but I'd finished it off, thinking I'd make it a Donation (there are folks who don't care about stuff like that...remember the t-shirt w/the fried eggs on the front from the late 70's?), before I realized I could cut another set of front pieces from the remnants. I was going to make another top, but, well...I *hate* wadders... ;)


  1. Um, wow, yeah, I'd be replacing that front, too! You have a great top, though so it all worked out!

  2. Lisa,

    I really like how this top turned out. Really cute! It seems like it was worth the effort to fix it.