Thursday, June 07, 2007

Fetch the Blue Card

A Necessary Errand...DS's Blue Card (Inoculation Record) expires about two weeks after the next school year starts, so we're planning to go down to the Health Department today and get it updated. That means at least a DT shot, and possibly an MMR too...I've lost track of all the updates to the requirements. Anyway, I'll be working on This while we wait...and that could be a while.

Then we can stop by the magnet school and get him registered for his freshman year.

We'll get to start the class scheduling process later in the summer; we had HORRIBLE experiences w/that with our older kids, but that was largely due to the fact that they could not just transfer to the magnet school, due to the fact that they were the racial minority in the zone we were in. We have since moved, and that is not a problem in this we'll only have to deal w/one school and he will not have the problem of two schools each offering the required class when he is at the other one. The registration process is just a little more involved because of the transfer.

When we get back, I'll start cutting out DD's white dress...the pattern is now altered and traced (a size 7 in girth; size 10 and a bit in length), so I'm ready to get going on it....

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