Friday, June 15, 2007

Put that cutting table away!

I finally finished cutting out the lining for the jacket from this pattern; I've cut the body of the jacket from the green jacquard upholstery fabric I got from Hancock's last month; the lining is a bit of rayon bemberg-like lining I picked up at Sir's. I thought it'd be a quick cut, but it wasn't. Even with the fabric already interfaced (typical of a lot of upholstery cuts), it took what seemed like forever.

Of course, the pattern has 12 pieces, some of which are cut for both lining and shell, so I don't know why I thought it'd be quick.

But now the only thing on the cutting table is a length of faux fur; one of the other ladies in our '40's detective skit needs a fur stole type thing to throw around her shoulders, so I'm carefully cutting the knit backing with a surgical steel seam ripper. It's tedious but not difficult. OH, and one of our black biblical robes is going to stand in for a judges' robe in a skit Sunday, and needs some quick mending.

Fortunately, DD's dress *should* be very straightforward...I think it will go together quickly, if I can EVER get it to the sewing machine! ;)

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  1. Girl, you sound a lot like me! I know you'll get through it all! Keep sewing!