Saturday, June 16, 2007

On a Break

I got up this morning and hit the white dress; suddenly remembered I also have to sew the rest of her badges on her sash, and there were a couple that we were out of so I sent an email to the coordinator to see if they came in this week. Figured I might as well do today's post while I was away from the machine...

But I've made a fair amount of progress. I got the collar made last night, and by the time I turned the computer on I'd gotten the collar on the dress and the lining on the bodice; the only tedious bit left to do is the zipper, which must come last because of the lining (my least favorite sewing order, but, alas, it can't be helped). I discovered that My Sweet Baboo had a stash of unwaxed dental floss that he's been *trying* to use up (!!!!), which I confiscated so that I have some good gathering thread again (anyone know of a good source for unwaxed dental floss?). Gathering the skirt and skirt lining shouldn't be too bad.

I really do think I can finish this today. :)

Meanwhile, I've got a bandage on my thumb...I used a surgical steel seam ripper to cut the 'fur stole' from the faux fur yesterday...following the recommendation to cut only the knit backing, to prevent 1)having a weird cut edge on the fur and 2) cut bits of fur flying like feathers all over the place. Unfortunately, I got a little careless while cutting across the knit at one point and cut towards my stabilizing hand and ended up stabbing myself in the thumb. It was a little achy last night but it's ok today.

And I even lectured myself on being careful before I started...guess I didn't listen to me any better than my teenagers do.

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