Monday, June 25, 2007

The Eyelet's in the Closet!

I think I like these! I really had my doubts when the skirt was going together, but it really does hang and move nicely when I'm'll definitely get worn! It's going to be a good 'warm weather' choir skirt.

I like the little jacket too; I *won't* be wearing it w/a white tank top...I just did that because it didn't show up well in a photo w/a black top underneath. DH rolled his eyes and shook his head a bit over it...when I asked him if he thought it looked silly, he just kind of smirked. I bet he'll like it better w/a black top underneath, too ;).

I posted the review at PR, for anyone who's interested.

BTW, a big "Thank You!!!" to Carolyn for suggesting the blue/black color combo!


  1. Cute stuff, Lisa! I must confess to being lukewarm over all this season's eyelet, but these just might change my mind.

  2. I haven't been by in forever, but am glad I dropped in because I LOVE the jacket! If your DH decides to nix it altogether, you can just send it on my way. :) :)


  3. If I haven't said it before, I wanted to say that I love your eyelet creations. They are inspiring.