Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Time for a New Bag

We did have a nice dinner! My Sweet Baboo needed to work a bit late last night, so we didn't have time to catch a movie...but the restaurant wasn't at all crowded when we got there (I guess there are some benefits to going out on Monday). Surprisingly, his salmon was waaaayyyy underdone in the center (it was a thick piece), so he got a fresh plate and they took his dinner off the tab. Upshot: we have enough left on the gift card for another dinner somewhere down the road.

Then we decided to take a walk around the mall, since we were on that end of town. I was in sore need of a new backpack...

The one on the left is about, oh, five years old? Five years of constant use has really beaten it up; you can't see it in the photo but the leather covering the piping has worn through and split in a couple of places. Sad...that was a good, fairly roomy bag.

There was ONLY ONE STORE in the whole mall with leather backpack-style bags...and there were only two styles there. At least I didn't spend hours agonizing over the choice...I just got the bigger one.

Which is not as large as my old one, but it does have some better organizational sections, so maybe it'll be ok.

I'll switch bags for Very Formal occasions, but that's about it. Otherwise, this is my bag. I know, I know, backpacks are clunky, anti-diva, and Not At All stylish. But I can carry it freehanded and it doesn't fall off my shoulder.

It works for me. ;)

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