Friday, March 31, 2006

The Ongoing Portable Project

While I was waiting for Number 1 Son to get a tooth filled yesterday, I looked at what was in my hands and realized I was looking at today's blog post. ;)

I made this vest from an OOP McCall's pattern in the fall of 2002. It's cotton blend upholstery fabric, with a jacquard pattern. I'd had an idea about wanting a beaded vest...I purchased beads in colors as close to the colors used on the design as I could find, and commenced sewing beads over the colored threads. Since then, it has lived in a large Zip-lok bag in my car and when I'm waiting a dentist's office...I pull it out and sew on a few more beads. I'll guess I'm about 2/3 done.

It's started some interesting conversations and at least gives me a sense of accomplishment when I'm just sitting around. It even accompanied me on a couple of high school drama competions I chaperoned and changed my attitude on the 'sit and wait' that is such an integral part of the whole overnight competion experience.

I still haven't decided what -- if any -- closures I'm going to put on it. I thought I'd wait till I had all the beading done and then see how it looks.

And I've no idea what I'll do to fill my time in waiting rooms when it's done. But I'll think of something.


  1. Wow, that's impressive! I just knit in waiting rooms, I never considered beading. Breathtaking!

  2. Thanks, Teri! I'm not a knitter (maybe someday). I have done counted cross stitch things as portable projects in the past, though. The advantage to beading is that it's REAL EASY to see where you quit last counting...

  3. Very pretty, Lisa. Have you thought about leaving that one side only partially beaded? It looks very interesting that way--of course you know best, having it in your hands and all!

  4. Hmmm...that is an interesting thought. But I think if I left it as is it would look unfinished. Now, if I'd thought about it it might have been cool to kind of randomly bead the jacquard design, or left random motifs unadorned, but since I've done every single one so far I don't think I'd like it if I broke the pattern.

    But maybe next time I'll be a little, more, um, random... ;)