Friday, June 16, 2006

...and she concedes defeat....

I don't do wadders.


I *hate* investing time and money in something that gets tossed, even though I know all the philisophical comfort words like 'oh, it was worth the effort because you learned something.'

Yeah, I know.

I still hate wadders.

I have a whole arsenal of anti-wadder techniques. I've been known to completely unstitch a serged and topstitched garment so I could recut it to fit better and then sew it back, just to get something that I'd know I'd wear. I've removed entire garment pieces (sleeves/pockets) to get something wearable. I've taken the bodice of a dress and turned it into a top, then recut the skirt portion into a (pieced) shell top.

You get the idea.

So when I say that the pink jacquard knit cardigan is a wadder, I ain't just trying to move on. I made a big boo-boo on the selection of the fabric and it simply is not wearable and nothing I can do will make it wearable and I'm not wasting any more time on it. So there.

The shell top is not wonderful, but I did finish it and put it in the closet. It *might* get worn, since it's made to be a bottom layer and the ripply hem likely will not show.

I decided this fabric was meant to be lingerie...and it would make lovely bras...and turning it into a twin set was violating the Great Chain of Being and would result in horrible consequences.

But...I didn't throw the cardi away; I put it in a bag with the rest of the remnants. Just in case I get an urge to emulate Rusty Bobbin and try sewing bras someday... ;)


  1. Lisa ~ your tale is so on the money! I am like you. I will do just about anything before I concede defeat. But, I think you knew this fabric wasn't going to work several days ago when you first put it on and there is nothing that can save a bad fabric choice!

    BTW ~ Like your stats!

  2. Yeah, I think I saw the handwriting on the wall when I tried it on and felt the icky clingy plasicky poly knit sensation on my arms...

    Sometimes, you can make something out of an unexpected type of fabric...but this wasn't one of those times...

  3. You are a much more patient soul than I. I've been known to get in a "culling" mood and toss a goodly portion of my rolling cart of Works in Progress. I bore easily. I thought your pink cardigan sounded divine. Okay...I just love pink in general. But you sound entirely justified to ditch it. Be free, Lisa! *g*

  4. Hm...not sure 'patient' is what I am; more like 'stubborn'! Actually, though, I have very few projects that back up...I have three official UFO's lying around that I may...hopefully...someday...get around to, but they're not terribly oppressing. Usually I can finish a Bad Idea, wear it once or twice and confirm the Bad Idea notation and then pass it along to the Salvation Army, where my Bad Idea may actually suit someone.

    This time it's too bad for that; it's been relegated to raw material status again. ;)