Tuesday, March 17, 2009

To Recap: Aida knit dresses

The next project I'm working on is a set of nine 'bathing dresses' from Simplicity 4577. They are to be made from poly matte jersey in various muted pastelly colors like seafoam, mint green, peach, aqua, etc.

I cut out two dresses; two more got cut by others last week when I was tied up with other things and couldn't make it to the work sessions. The largest dress was quickly stitched up and tried on, with the following notes:

We don't need the zipper in the back, but we do need some elastic across the top of the back bodice

The skirts were too long; 2" above the knee is the new target length

The skirts were too straight. Godets measuring 12" at the bottom were inserted into the seams of the test dress and that was deemed adequate. However, the seams don't look good and the flare is too concentrated at the bottom.


Costume Mistress purchased an extra 3/4 yard for each of the dresses and I picked up all the pertinent materials from her yesterday and last night I altered the skirt pattern to have 6" of flare on each seam of each piece, starting just below the waist.

And discovered that the dresses already cut will need an additional 3/4 yard; the skirt is too wide to fit the pieces side-by-side. I *may* be able to squeeze it on the fabric for the uncut dresses; that's tonight's assignment.

I'm starting to think fondly of last year's lame' shirt project....

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  1. That's quite an undertaking. Good luck! The pattern is lovely.