Tuesday, March 24, 2009

March Fabric In, Part 2

Another 4.5 yards in, courtesy of an on-line sale. These rayon jersey knits (I think there's some lycra in the blend), and they are for knit 'wear-to-work' shirts (I think...one or two *could* end up being dresses...). That raises my fabric in total for the year to 35 yards, with no 'personal sewing' time in sight. I'm glad I really like these pieces...it's going to be all I'm going to get for quite a while, I fear.

I am so far behind where I wanted to be on cutting the costume knit dresses it's not even funny...and I've something going on Wed, Thur and Sat this week.

Hm. Looks like Friday's gonna be an intense cutting day...


  1. If I could, I would come help you cut and stitch. Drat the distance!

    Good luck on Friday. You can do it!

  2. Well, all this new fabric you've purchased this year should inspire you to get your priority seiwng finished. Then, you can get rid of some of the new fabric, and make room for more!