Friday, March 27, 2009

Still Cutting Knit Dresses

Not much to talk about; I'm going to be cutting (and doing laundry) all day today.

So I thought I'd just show a photo of the altered-up front skirt. I taped the addition to the center seam, but the addition for the side seam is marked so I can just overlay it to whichever size cutting line I need; it's just pinned in place. When I cut the 8's and the 6's, I'll move it in. Saved tracing whole new pieces....

This particular dress was cut before the alterations were made; so the skirt is getting re-cut, and we ditched the filmy knit we were using for the bodice lining and will self-line instead. I've got two additional pieces of fabric for each dress that has to be recut...enough to get bodice/skirt front on one piece, and the bodice/skirt back on the second.


Off I go....


  1. You really take on a lot of sewing. I commend you for that. Don't know that I could produce that much sewing. Good luck with the dresses.

  2. I still haven't actually *sewn* anything for this year's far, all I've done is cut out!

    But I expect to get to the sewing machine Very Soon...