Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Lookin' for Numbers - Need a bit of Help

I'm going to make "mantles" for our HMC graduates again this year, but I'm having a difficult time finding the letters to applique to them. I thought I had a source, but, while the 2" letters were beautiful, the numbers that I ordered (zero and nine), which were described as being 1" tall, turned out to be only 3/4" tall, and proportionally smaller in general. Too small to work opposite the letters.

And I spent a chunk of money on shipping a handful of featherweight letters in a box via UPS that could've easily been shipped via Priority Mail in a padded envelope for a much lower cost. In communication with the vendor, I found that they do not ship their own merchandise...it's drop shipped from a warehouse and they had no control over how it was shipped. Furthermore, when I requested a shipping credit on a set of twos and zeros, so I could put '2009' opposite 'HMC', I was told I could return the too-small letters at the company's expense, but they could not waive the shipping charges on a new order. I didn't object to purchasing additional numbers; I just didn't want to pay another ridiculous shipping charge for something that literally would fit in a regular envelope; if the description had been accurate I would've ordered everything together. But the company preferred processing a return...and paying return shipping...to just issuing a credit for shipping on a new order.


But I had pulled the numbers from their original packaging, trying to arrange them to see if they would work, so they are not returnable.

For obvious reasons, I do not want to order numbers or letters or anything else from these folks. But I can't find ANYONE else who sells white script-style embroidered letters/numbers fusible appliques.

Does anyone have a source?


  1. I'm not sure who you are using currently, but try these sources:




  2. Thanks for those links, Summerset! One of those companies had the embroidered letters, but unfortunately none of them has numbers. I'm wondering if the proliferation of home embroidery has done away with the market for things like this; they used to be easy to find. Not any more!

  3. Ugh. Will you just end up having to change fonts or actually have them professionally embroidered?

  4. Maybe semi-professionally...I have a friend who teaches machine embroidery classes for a local dealer; she *might* be able to help me out if I can't find what I'm looking for. ;)

  5. I'm sorry that I can't help! But, I did want to leave you an award. You can pick it up over on my blog.

    P.S. I never did thank you for the award you gave to me! Thank you.