Sunday, March 08, 2009

Choir Sundays '09 #9

This month's colors:Black w/'dark bright green' or bright yellow.
I managed to finish the green silk duppioni Brown Paper Patterns Basic Shell. I figured out that the neckline on that pattern was not terribly flattering, so I trimmed it so that it was 1 1/2" lower in the front. Then I found I didn't have enough fabric to cut the generous facings and I used a bias binding on the neckline...which raised it back up by about 3/8". I also found that, um, since the hot flash season left me with a few extra pounds last fall, it doesn't fit quite as nicely as the other one in my closet that's made from a cotton/lycra blend. Rats. But it's wearable...and it really looks better without the jacket, but sleeveless tops are a no-no in choir. So there must be a jacket.

The jacket is Loes Hinse's Bistro jacket in a poly/rayon blend herringbone suiting.

And I was just in a skirt mood today, despite the fact that a fabric cutting- related achy back has nixed high heels. So I pulled out the black cotton eyelet Cutting Line 'Farewell to Arms' skirt

So, between hair that insisted on going 'Pouf!', a snug top, flat shoes, and wanting another hour of sleep, I felt just a little, um, dumpy today. ain't about me anyway, right?

Naptime. ;)


  1. LOOKS NICE!! I cannot STAND that green on me. I have 1 shirt that color and just couldn't BEAR to wear it! UGH!!! Not sure what I'm going to do the rest of the month!! UGH!!! You always do a GREAT job!!!

  2. Love the green top! I wore a green turtleneck to church today, the same color, but with brown skirt and jacket. Sleeveless tops are a no-no for us, too. Not a problem for me, as the church is always freezing in the summer so I'm always wearing sweaters.

  3. Loving the green! It looks very nice on you.