Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Storage Issues

Well, my first assignment as Costume Curator (is that a term? I just invented it) is to straighten/organize the attic at church where the costumes are stored. They are literally hanging from the well as filling several U-Haul wardrobe boxes. Apparently the boxes the costumes arrived in last fall were thrown away while the costumes were out for the production(the guilty party has not yet been identified), so most of the Dickens costumes are still on the rolling racks we use when in production. Plus, there's a major re-model job that began at church Monday after Scrooge closed that is just now getting finished up; all the sewing room contents had been moved a couple of times before they finally landed in the attic in chaos. I've got something of a path cleared now and today and tomorrow I'll weed through the accumulated stash of yard goods and scraps and see what I can toss and what's really worth keeping and can I actually organize it?

At least the attic is somewhat air conditioned...

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