Friday, July 28, 2006

Pick Two

Well, it's done...and, considering it's a pattern designed for wovens, crafted in crushed panne velvet (shudder)...and those floaty sleeves are poly chiffon hemmed on the bias (shudder again), it's not *too* bad. I'll try to get a review up sometime today.

I told PJ that I was reminded of one of the little amusing blubs I read in Reader's Digest a really long time ago about an auto shop that had a sign by the cash register: 'We do work that is cheap, fast and good. You can pick two.'

This was fast and cheap. 'Nuff said.

I'll take her dress to her today; dunno if I can get a photo of her in it or not, but they may take some pictures during the crusade next week (it runs Sunday night through Wednesday), so hopefully I'll have a photo of the finished product on its intended victim, er, wearer. Incidently, she said that her hubby had added studs to the tunics I made for the boys and they look really cool. Hopefully I'll get to see those eventually, too.

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  1. It looks great from here!! Love the panne velvet, good choice!!