Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Bible Costumes Revised

Note for folks who landed here searching for info on making Bible Costumes:
I'm not sure why this post, of all of them, crops up first, but I have more information on the blog. Check the links at the top of the sidebar; "Bible Costume Info" will take you to more posts on building Bible costumes, including some tutorials w/pictures of the process.

Original Post:
Our children's pastors at church also have a traveling ministry; they take themed crusades for families w/kids around the country (Pattern Review members will remember the whacky review I did of the Pirate Shirts I made for a crusade they did at our church last August) (Off-topic comment -- that may be my favorite of my reviews to date...). Anyway, I've been asked to help costume a differently-themed crusade,this one to be set in Medieval times and dealing w/knights and squires and chivalry and such along with the the Biblical message. They apparently did a crusade on that theme a long time ago and now want to update it and use it again and include their three kids (teen girl, two barely teen boys) as well. Not fancy, but hopefully good enough to set the tone at the crusades.

So, while we were looking at various websites at the types of garments they were wanting, I was astonished at how many of them could be adapted from the basic Bible costumes we've already been using. I guess that shouldn't surprise me... almost every culture has that basic unfitted garment in its history somewhere.

So, the first part of the assignment is to make tunics for the boys; these will be basically the Bible robes shortened and trimmed out. And I had shopping favor at Wal-Mart yesterday and found fabric in the right colors and drape and wrinkle-resistance on the dollar table...I should get both boys' tunics for less than $10.

Which is cool; these folks pour into my kids on a weekly basis...it's neat to get a chance to be a blessing in return.


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