Saturday, July 15, 2006

Saturday Snapshot

In the CD Player: William Clark, deeper...higher...

On the Bookstand: Didn't start any *new* books this week

Projects completed this week: The green shirts and one of the Medieval tunics (I'll try and get a photo when I get the other one done).

On the Sewing Table:
-The second Medieval tunic; only needs about an hour more.
- Loes Hinse's Oxford Pants, from khaki Tencel Twill (the last khaki thing! Yeah!)
- Jalie 2111 Men's short sleeve shirt, from the lavendar/white cotton mini-check I got from Timmel as part of the SWAP prize
- Cutting Line Designs TownANDCountry Camp shirt, also from the lavendar/white check
- Kwik Sew 3168 Kid's Camp Shirt, also for DD2 and also from the lavendar/white check

I'm still trying to decide what I will use my 'three uninterrupted sewing days' for...should I make some fun things that have been pushed back over and over for more urgent stuff or should I, like, pull out the Patternmaster Boutique and work over the fitting muslins? Oh, I hate making decisions like this!

fitness program progress: Back on track...sort of, anyway. Why is it so difficult to maintain a Daily Routine when the kids are out of school? :rolleyes:

Weird news of the week We noticed some odd noises in the wall after we got home from vacation; turned out that we had an uninvited visitor taking up residence in our crawl space. The noises were the wires/cables/etc that he was disturbing as he squeezed in and out through a little space behind the heatpump. He's hopefully finding his way around a new location, somewhere out in the country, at this point:

It occurred to me that I do have an occasional visitor from outside the US who might not recognize that's an opposum, which, while it looks like an oversized rat, is actually a member of the marsupial family.


  1. Are you sure your unwanted visitor is a he?? Hopefully "he" didn't leave any little visitors behind and your walls and cables are your own again. We've had an ongoing visitation from a raccoon which has thankfully remained outside-only at this point, unless the garage door is up and he/she sneaks in for the cat food.

  2. That occurred to me, too, Deb! I asked the Varmint Expert who came (at great expense) to remove the critter and inspect the house for damage/entrance points if that was a problem...they actually found where our Uninvited Guest was beginning a nest, but there was no sign of any young 'uns. So I think we're good... ;)