Tuesday, July 25, 2006

On to the Real Thing

PJ's muslin fit almost perfectly... I just needed to put small darts in the neckline to tilt the shoulder seam back up a little. So...yay...I get to cut the real fabric and start sewing it today! And I hope to finish by church tomorrow night...oh, it's panne velvet...well, it doesn't *have* to be done until Friday. Gulp.

The Teen Daughter's dress needed just a tiny adjustment; I put a new neckline on it, then added a faux chemise neckline, which was just a little too full. A couple of stitches to pull in the extra on the sides and it will be ready. Now, it looks like it's been altered, and the trim we used wasn't exactly what her dad had in mind, but it was all we could find that wouldn't look Really Bad on the dark magenta color of the fabric. But it will do for the immediate need; they don't have another crusade booked right away so hopefully I can get her a better dress after they get back from this trip. (They're going somewhere in North Carolina; maybe I should find out?)

But, looming on the horizon is ...Project Master's Commission. After all our costume struggles last year, the decision has been made by the program directors to ask the students to supply their own Bible costume. That way, the kids will have them, they can keep them, they can clean them as necessary. I think that's great, but we have a bunch of non-sewing folks that now are in serious need of a little help. I think we can pull all the sewing volunteers together and have the kids bring us the fabric, then do a massive stack-n-whack to cut them out and then farm them out amongst us. The program kicks off on Labor Day weekend, but I don't think they'll have to have the costumes in hand immediately.

And I really am hoping to get to the HotPatterns, which came a week ago and are singing a siren song all the while...


  1. Lisa - How do you keep the sewing from becoming a chore and therefore losing your hobby/enjoyment status? I don't do charity sewing or sewing for hire for just that reason.

    I am taking back my mornings and I put fray check on an embroidered denim skirt this morning. Now I'm off to trim the hem and sew the sides together. Have a great sewing day.

  2. Hm...I'll have to think about that to see if I can articulate a resonable answer. Maybe a blog entry later this week... ;)