Friday, July 14, 2006

Green Shirts

Finished 'em both up yesterday; I reviewed the Jacquard top if you want the particulars (it's a Vogue Today's Fit by Sandra Betzina pattern). The linen top is La Fred's Athena Blouse; I'll try to get my ancient review of it updated in the near future to show the new blouse. I left the buttons off the sleeves...more from laziness and not wanting to purchase another card of buttons than anything else. It's a great, comfy, classic looking blouse and I need more of them in my wardrobe... ;)

But that's the last of the green! Today, I get to work on the medieval tunics for our Children's Pastor's kids. I adapted the pattern and drew up something for the contrast facings last night...I'm gonna stack-and-whack later, but I expect them to sew together quickly. I'm aiming to get them finished by Sunday.


  1. Love the Today's Fit blouse...I've got that pattern & never tried it. It looks beautiful, what a great color!

    Happy belated birthday too!

  2. Great blouses. They look great on you. Happy belated birthday too.