Saturday, July 22, 2006

Saturday Snapshot

In the CD Player: Iona Open Sky

On the Bookstand: I read Rick Joyner's The Torch and the Sword this week. Wow. I've picked The End of the Third Age back up again, too, and determined to finish it this month...then I want to re-read the whole LOTR set, begining w/ The Hobbit. I admit, it will be about the 15th time I've read it and I could nearly recite it by memory, but I got the whole set in lovely hardback volumes now (to retire the late-70's Bantam Books paper back set...priced at $1.95 each...that is crumbling) and I want to initiate them ;)

Projects completed this week: I've got one Medieval dress altered...wish I'd taken 'before' pictures so you could see what I did. You'd think I'd've learned that lesson by now.

I did get the attic at church restored to a useable state; now I need to start inventorying, organizing and weeding out the stuff that's there.

On the Sewing Table:I have two pairs of pants to hem for a friend, the Medieval Dress, which must be done by Thursday and has not even a traced pattern yet, in addition to the stuff from last week which hasn't been touched since last week's post.

fitness program progress: None this week. Sigh.

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