Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Squeezing Time In

Last night I cut a couple of the Aida knit dresses, but tonight we had our monthly ladies' study at church, so I didn't go to the sewing session. One of the other ladies watched as I cut last night and made note of how the knit dresses were cut out,so she'd know more or less what to do. They were hoping to get the other 8 dresses cut tonight, although no one else had cutting mats/rotary cutters. I'll miss Thursday night's work session, too, since that's choir practice.

I expect to receive a couple of the dresses to put together next week, which is spring break. We won't have any group sewing sessions, but there will be sewing going on!

The plan also included sewing up one of the dresses I cut out last night and checking to see if the girl could get into it without a zipper. Hopefully that will work; I'd hate to put zippers in those knit dresses. But, if we have too, we have to.

But, the upshot of this is that I have a bit of time to hopefully catch up on some things that are waayyy behind, given the fact that I've been sewing as much as possible in the last three weeks.

And I've still got to put together my green silk Tribeca. I'd *really* like to wear that to church Sunday... I'm eyeing Thursday for that task.

Meantime, I'm trying to decide which Burda pattern I will trace before I put away my tracing paper and pens. I promised myself I'd do one...and I'm taking too long to decide which one. I think I'm about ready to just randomly grab an issue and pick my favorite out of whatever it happens to be....

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