Friday, March 20, 2009

March Fabric In, part 1

Yeah, I succumbed to two internet fabric vendor sales this month; the first one arrived yesterday and I received notice that the second one shipped yesterday.

Hence the jump in 'Yards In' for the year.

To be truthful, the three orangey pieces on the left are intended to be garments for The Flute Player, who loves orange and who is in increasing need of tops that aren't ratty t shirts. I allowed myself to scarf the last two yards of the fine rib knit on the right. Now I just need some time to get to them.

I'm finding myself getting just a litte whiney about this...I've done so much costume sewing since the first of the year that I'm not finding much time to work on the projects the closets around here need.

I just thought of a very apt description for the situation but I will refrain from using that description because it, um, has another connotation that isn't so pleasant. Let me just say that the blockage (costume sewing) must be removed in order to see regular movement in the sewing room. Ahem.

I need to just take a deep breath and hit those knit dresses; I really need to get them cut out over the next two or three days.

Maybe I'll let myself sew a little on the Green Silk Tribeca top in between each dress.


  1. Cut out a dress - sew a green silk seam. Cut out a dres - sew a seam. think of it as the reward system and both projects will be done before you know it. Also, because I think I remember that your cutting and sewing aren't in the same space think of the exercise you'll be getting :) g

  2. yeah...exercise...that's a positive spin to put on it!

  3. I LOVE all those fabrics. Orange is my favorite color. Since you don't have time to make them up, feel free to send them over to me!

  4. makes me want to dump my fabric diet!These look so yummy!