Monday, March 23, 2009

Comment Moderation a Must!

So sorry to do this, but I'm going to have to turn on comment least for a while. Someone from Turkey posted about 30 comments on posts from Nov-Dec last year that were just huge lists of links...I don't EVEN want to speculate on what those links would go to; I just went through and deleted them.

Like I had time for that.

I guess the world is full of crazy people with way too much time on their hands.

On the sewing front, I managed to get the fabric for one of the knit dresses laid out ready to cut. It was spring break last week and, well, we did some spring breaky stuff. ;)

Gotta get myself focused on those dresses now!!!


  1. I recently had a lady of Asian decent post a few comments on some of my things all in Japanese Kanji. I took it as a compliment that she would have to look at some part of my blog, once she found it, and then post whatever mess it was she wanted too. But I know what you mean. If I get to many more of those then I'll probably do the same thing. It's like Blog Spam you know?

    I missed seeing you in the choir Sunday but was glad for the hug and to see you working the alter. You're an incredible worker bee and I admire that.


  2. Sorry you have to bother with comment moderation. There's always someone who just has to ry to ruin things for others.

    Good luck with the dresses.

  3. Jess, this *was* blog spam...line after line of links, no comments at all. And, based on the 'name' of the poster (sexy...something), I didn't EVEN want to see what those links were!

    It was all pasted in about 20 posts, all in order, dating from the first of November through mid-December of last year.

    There is an option to moderate comments for only posts older than 2 weeks; I may go to that one but for now I think I need to leave the moderation on...'till these poor needy souls move on...