Monday, June 11, 2007

Trixie's outfit

I finished Trixie's secretarial attire Saturday; *I* think it's wonderfully homey for a poor spinster secretary. The blouse is an OOP Simplicity pattern, and I used a serger rolled edge to simulate piping. I need to work w/a hairstyle; after My Sweet Baboo snapped this photo, I played with my hair some more and got a much more convincing style; I just hope I can recreate it for real.

Due to technical difficulties (um, it would take more time to tape and produce than our production team has available), we'll be doing it as a live skit on the 24th.

Which means we won't get multiple takes...

But in all honesty, I kinda like that skirt (OOP Butterick that I mentioned here). It's got five gores; two in the front and three in the back. The center back gore has some nice shaping in it and the skirt skims my backside very well. It's more A-line looking than the envelope picture shows, but I think that's because the poly doesn't drape well. I thought about taking the sideseams up so that it was straighter, but I'm afraid I wouldn't have room to walk if I did that. So it'll have to do. But I may make it again to wear in real life...from a nice drapey something. ;)


  1. I like the blouse, too! Well done!

  2. Love it! Yes, you look appropriately spinster-ish, but in a good way, if that makes sense!