Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Still Ruminating on the Eyelet...

I finished cutting DD's dress yesterday, and decided to take advantage of the mess...er, the cutting equipment being out and up and cut some more. I *need* a denim skirt in the worst way (we're casual in church choir for the summer; a denim skirt is an approved alternative to nice jeans, which are the base for the next three months) and, inspired by Gorgeous Things, I altered and cut out Vogue 2872 from my long-stashed denim. It's really just an 'inspired by' Ann's skirt, not a knock-off, and denim really is Not At All what is suggested for the pattern. But I think it'll look cool top stitched along the style lines (which are totally not visible in the envelope photo; ya gotta look at the tech drawings).

But amidst all the figurin' and cuttin', the back of my brain was still mulling over the eyelet. I'd like to cut that out before I put the cutting table away. So now we're down to the wire.
I Googled images of eyelet skirts, trying to see if I could pin down the illusive vision I'd had of what I wanted and didn't really see anything that I thought worked. So I mentally went back to the inspiration...a friend's skirt, which was long, flowing gathered tiers. But, in a bit of a lightbulb moment, I realized the reason I was struggling is that I was trying to meld two inspirations that were not compatible. My friend's skirt was more of a traditional eyelet, only in black...cottony, small holes. But the cool, trendy eyelet that I got has GREAT BIG holes, and lots of 'em. Gathering will not work with this eyelet. And I don't think it would pleat well, either, which rules out Simplicity 4186, which was the skirt pattern I'd sort of had in mind when I ordered the fabric.
But, Kathryn's yellow eyelet skirt has also figured into my eyelet mania; that skirt does have the big eyelets like mine...it's not gathered or pleated...but I don't have enough to do the full circle. Nevermind; it's helped me focus down on what I want. I thought I wanted a cute litte flippy eyelet skirt...I don't...I want a long, flowy eyelet skirt. So now the two top contenders for the project are Simplicity 4189',view e, Kwik Sew 3108, view B, and Loes Hinse's Gore Skirt, 4-gores-with-godets. I haven't made the Simplicity pattern yet, but both the KS and the Gore Skirt are TNT's. And I love wearing my skirts from both patterns. SO... I think I'm about to flip a coin... ;)
As to the fabrication, I've had the eyelet laying in my bedroom wrapped up with the blue shirting (posted a draped photo a couple of days ago). I really like that combo. But, to be honest, this skirt will get worn the most as a solid black piece. Then I could wear it with a variety of tops in choir...for any of the months when the colors are 'Black and (whatever)'. If I put the blue in the skirt, I could only wear it when the color was black and blue. So, as much as I liked the blue, I want to WEAR this skirt and I've decided to put black under it. Black on black will be less trendy anyway, so hopefully it'll have a longer style life.

Now, if I have enough remnants, though, I've got an idea for something trendy...that'll be an extra bonus garment anyway...so I'll either use the blue or white to make an 'inspired by' version of This Michael Kors Jacket. We'll see how much eyelet is left...

And that's enough links for one day! ;)

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  1. re: the eyelet, I say do whatever it takes to have enough left for that little jacket! Seems like S4189 will make up a bit like the Cambria Skirt (item OS012C) at www.jjill.com - very pretty.