Friday, June 01, 2007

Seeing Stars

This has certainly been a learning week!

DD#2 is in the Missionettes (in the process of being renamed to M-Pact) program at church, and this is her final year in the 'Stars' class. There are badges and awards given for completing units; and girls who complete 27 units in three years, along with doing a list of other requirements, get to be Honor Stars, with all sorts of special perks.

We really are just getting ourselves chartered into the M-Pact program at church, and we're ALL learning about things. Anyway, the past two days have been spent checking and rechecking to make sure she's got all of her ducks in a row, all of her requirements checked and all of her signatures listed so she can qualify for the Honor Star recognition at camp this summer (also the first time we've done camp) She'll need a dressy white dress for the occasion (I have fabric and pattern in'll hear more about it soon), but right now we're just focusing on the paperwork.

But what has really caught me is that I help teach the next older group...the middle school 'Friends' class. And it's a bigger deal to be an honor Friend at the end of those three years. And we have done a mighty poor job of keeping up with the records this year.

So today I've been making spread sheets and checklists and we'll have to spend some of the summer working with the girls to make sure they're on track...we want their ducks in a row THIS year, not down the road when they need the records...

Meantime, I think we've got to re-do a couple of DD's projects from ages ago; no one can find records of them doing them...

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