Thursday, June 14, 2007

Oy, I'm Late!

Errand day run amuck. Tried to register DS for the magnet school...missed the little line in the midst of the paragraph of fine print about making an appointment. Assumed that the instruction for final transcript meant that the middle school was to send a full transcript over to the high school. Wrong. It meant I was to bring a copy of his final report card (which seems to be missing). Paid Discover. Purchased gift for a party DD will attend tomorrow. Spent too much time in a bookstore, came home with more than just the summer reading books. Quickly skimmed one book DS is to read for advanced freshman English...shook my head at what The Powers That Be determine suitable for fourteen year old children as I used my sharpie on two paragraphs graphically describing an intimate encounter between unmarried people (not to worry; it was totally unrelated to the development of the plot and therefore unecessary. I don't deface books easily; this was blatantly gratuitous). At least it's somewhat more reasonable; I don't care for some of the language but at least that doesn't create mental pictures.

And my Neue Mode jacket is still on the cutting table with the upper sleeve, front facing and entire lining to cut. Not a stitch on anything.

And DD's dress has to be in a suitcase by Sunday night.

And I have suddenly developed 'I can't stand this mess!!!'-itis.

So I'm late posting...maybe I'll have something a little more sewing-related to report tomorrow? After I find that doggone sheet of paper that is DS's final report card

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