Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Just one more piece of fabric...

I've joined the Stitcher's Guild Fabric Moratorium pledge to NOT purchase any more fabric for the month of June, so this should be it...for a while...

But lookie what arrived yesterday! . I've been looking for eyelet like this since, oh, February...and is it ever terrific! Ann at Gorgeous Fabrics had it on sale over Memorial Day and I just *had* to get some. I'm planning a skirt, like, say, Simplicity 4186 , but I'm waffling on the underlining. I have some drapey black georgette-type fabric that came in a bundle from Fabric Mart last year that I'd planned to use...it wouldn't be at all bulky and so would be good, but now I'm thinking that maybe I'd like a little contrast to make those pretty flowers pop. Somewhere in the stash I *think* I've got some brown mystery woven that is almost batiste weight...in fact, it's one of the longest residents of the stash bins. But I don't remember the last time I saw it. It must be buried pretty deep...unless it was a purge victim, which is possible. There was a mini-purge something like 10 years ago; I don't remember what all departed the bins at that time. (Yes, it is time for a Fabric Moratorium...)

So I guess I'm soliciting opinions...who votes for black? White or cream? Something else?

I need to make it quick before eyelet is Over.


  1. I'm doing a lace skirt and decided to do something a little different...
    Oh, okay I just couldn't make up my mind about what color to make the lining. So I'm making the skirt finish separate from the lining and am doing different color linings.
    Not too much extra work as the linings are small elastic waists and serged roll hems.

  2. I'd line it in a bright color - red or bright pink to really make the flowers pop, but that's just crazy me!

  3. See I was going to say a bright color also but I thought an amazing blue...