Wednesday, June 06, 2007

I had some great suggestions for the eyelet! I'd considered doing multiple separate linings as Kathleen suggested, and that's still a remote possibility, but I really wanted an underlining instead of a lining (although if I change my mind about the pattern, I might change my mind about that, too). Summerset suggested a bright red or orange...but that would mean a trip to the fabric store, and that's disallowed in June! ;). But Carolyn suggested blue...and I have a lovely yummy blue shirting from Michael that's been aging in the stash for something like 4 years now; that's a *serious* contender.

I'll give myself about two days to percolate over which pattern I *really* want to use; I've still got Trixie's blouse to sew; (our taping got moved to Tuesday) and DD's white dress for the Honor Star service, which is not EVEN traced yet and must be done by a week from Monday. But I want that black eyelet to be next ;)

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  1. OOPS! Forgot about the fabric thing! Yes, though the blue would be really nice instead.