Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Black Eyelet In Progress

What a difference in sewing frustration levels the underlining makes.

For the skirt, I'm using a semi-sheer drapey crepey probably poly fabric from a Fabric Mart Freebie bundle. This drapes beautifully, so I thought it would soften up the fairly crisp eyelet. Besides, it was the only even close to suitable black in the stash and I'm NOT BUYING FABRIC IN JUNE! (Yes, I'm yelling at myself...I'm still wandering over to the Roll Ends page on Emma One Sock...and I hear Michael has Zegnas at rock bottom prices, but I am holding FIRM. Only 10 more days...)

Anyway, I didn't realize how incredibly unstable that crepey black was until I tried to keep it square on the cutting table. I probably should've soaked it with spray starch and pinned it to tissue and the whole nine yards to keep it square, but I was trying to squeeze the project into the timetable anyway and I just fiddled and fiddled trying to keep it straight.

I sort of suceeded; but it is kind of whopperjawed in places and wants to shift dramatically as I'm sewing it to the eyelet. I tried glue basting it, but the eyelets are so big that the glue leaked through them and made a mess, so I just zig-zagged the two layers together. The eyelet is uber stable...first, because the cotton base fabric is stable and second, all that embroidery has really stabilized it. But that crepe...!

Anyway, I've got it underlined, pocketed, and the center seams sewn. All that's left is sideseams, waistline and hem. And I'm going slowly, holding my breath, and using the seam ripper a little more than I had anticipated. All because of the underlining.

The little jacket, though, is going together easily. The cotton shirting I'm using for the underlining on it is nice and stable and stays put beautifully.

Dunno how much I'll get done this week; tomorrow I go for my stint with the older girls at Missionettes Camp. Fortunately, it's just an overnight (actually, they call it 'retreat', not camp), so I'll be back Friday evening. The guys will still be at Pow-Wow (the Royal Ranger camp) until Saturday evening; I may take the two DD's on a girls night out (mayhap we'll go see Nancy Drew). Depends on how much sleep I get on Thursday ;)


  1. This sounds lovely -

    Are you going to underline it and line it? I am underling my first dress this weekend and would love some pointers :-)

  2. No, I'm just underlining this because of the holes in the eyelet ;)

    I'll probably wear a slip with it, though, since the underlining is kind of semi-sheer. It's only when it's backlit that it would be a problem anyway.

    The reason I decided to use an underlining instead of a lining is that the underlining will keep the seam allowances from showing, that's all.

  3. Lisa - I can feel your pain with the underlining on the skirt. I am sure though that you will "make it work!"