Monday, July 24, 2006

First fitting

I've got the muslin of the medieval dress done to sleeve insertion; that's all that's left to do before I fit it, so sometime around noonish I'll meet PJ at church and we'll see if my math was even close.

However, just before I fell asleep last night I had a revelation and realized that one of the alterations I made to the bodice actually widened the shoulders. I dunno what I was thinking; for some reason I thought I was narrowing the neckline. Funny how alterations can trip you up like that. Ah, well, I'll put it on her and pin out the extra and then see what I can do to get it as it should be.

20 YO DD has requested the other view of the dress for herself...gee, I don't know when she thinks she'll have time to get it made ;)

Note on blogging...did any other blogger users have any weird things happen over the weekend? Someone left a nice comment on one of last week's posts and now it's gone...anyway, I just wanted to report that I didn't delete it ;)

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