Sunday, December 16, 2007

Choir Sundays #16

This month's colors: Black with red
Jacket: Silhouette Patterns 'Robin's Jacket', from red/silver/black/white mini-plaid wool crepe;
Sweater: black RTW rayon blend fine gauge turtleneck sweater;
Pants:The new black wool gabardine Loes Hinse Oxford Pant. We were in the 20's this morning, so it was cold enough to wear them! I did add a little to the pants (middle-age spread, I'm afraid), so the legs are fuller than the pattern design.

No weird socks this week!

This will be the last choir post this month; we won't be dressing for choir for the next two weeks (hm. Perhaps a better way to put that would be 'we won't be wearing specific colors for a choir wardrobe for the next two weeks'...).
If you enjoyed the choir posts, let me know; I may just go ahead and do it a while longer least through January; I hope to get some nice royal blue stuff made up after the 1st!


  1. I like the choir Sundays! It's always fun to see what you wear. In our choir, we don't have to wear specific colors. In fact the only choir I've been in with specific colors was televised and we had to wear lavender robes with white stoles! Even the men.

  2. Beautiful outfit! It is fun to see what you choose for every Sunday.

  3. Love the sparkly jacket! I, too, enjoy the choir Sunday photos. Royal blue coming up, eh?

  4. Heehee, for a moment there I was thinking that the next two weeks might be an exciting time to come see, I mean hear your choir!

  5. Here's another vote to continue the Choir Sunday posts!

  6. I also vote for Choir Sunday posts!

  7. I love this jacket. I love the style of it. Your complete outfit looks very flattering on you. Love the black trim all around!