Monday, December 10, 2007


But unlike Marley and Marley, it's a good thing. (Ok, that link did originally go to a photo of Michael Caine as Ebenezer Scrooge with Statler and Waldorf as Jacob and Robert Marley, from A Muppet Christmas Carol, but Disney apparently doesn't allow direct image links; the URL is right but it only goes to the Disney homepage. Bummer.) I had never sewn the recommended chain onto the hems of my Vogue 8043 jackets, mostly because I couldn't find suitable chain. I'd checked at Hancock's several times, even looking in the home dec department for drapery chain but no go. Then I happened to be walking by the jewelry making section of Hobby Lobby last week and noticed that they had metal jewelry findings...including plain chain half price. There were only two chains of any weight and length (I think it was 18") there and I bought both of them. A little twisting with needle-nosed pliers and the clasps were gone and I had one long chain.

Then, while we watched our traditional Christmas movies (Rankin/Bass's Rudolf, Chuck Jones' Grinch, A Charlie Brown Christmas and The Muppet Christmas Carol)last night I stitched the chain into my blue/grey SWAP '06 jacket.

Erica B. is right...that chain makes a great improvement in the way the jacket hangs. I'm just going to have to start watching for those Hobby Lobby sales and stock up on some necklaces...unless someone can tell me where to find the real chain!


  1. Great idea! Check with Fire Mountain Gems ( - I think) to see if you can buy the jewelry chain on a spool. I know they sell chains of all sorts. Depending on quality it might be cheaper to do it that way. I know that I can buy chain by the inch at my local bead shop, so you might want to check there if you have a bead shop in your area.

  2. I'm glad you found the chains! They do make a difference! Summerset is right, I've seen chains on sale at my local bead shop too!

  3. Hm....that'll be worth checking out! Hobby Lobby may be the closest thing to a bead store in the area. We do have a Michael's craft/floral shop on the other end of town that's very similar to HL, only without the fabric section; perhaps I'll check there too.

    Actually, I hadn't thought of jewelry; I didn't expect jewelry weight chain to be heavy enough. But this works great!

    Thanks, ladies!

  4. Tojo Shoji is the source where I've gotten the chains for my Chanel style jackets. It's the source listed in the Threads source guide too.
    Tojo Shoji. 990 6th Ave. ,. NYC 10018; 212-868-7465.

    They do make a big difference.

  5. I am working on V7975 Chanel style jacket. I ordered some chains from MJTrims. I miss not having a Hancocks here. We don't have a Hobby Lobby, but an AC Moore, did not think about them and chains. Glad I was catching up on blog reading and came here.

    Hope you feel better anothe post indicated you had a cold. It seems to be that season.

  6. Well Marji and Linda beat me to my two suggestions...both of these mail order and will give you chains in any weight you want!