Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Weather Weirdness

Ok, I'm looking at all these photos of ice storms and wintery weather and feeling kinda surreal; we're setting record highs (76 yesterday) down here.

In March I'd think that was great; in December, not so much. We actually slept with a wide-open window and the ceiling fan going last night. The Christmas trees just don't even feel right. It feels really, really weird.

And kinda scary...with weather like this here, and weather like THAT north of us, I shudder to think what could happen when those cold fronts do make it down here. It could be ugly.

But this is just a weird weather year! We had bitter cold w/a hard freeze at Easter and now balmy warmth at Christmas time. And very little rain.

I'd love a good cold snap with a couple inches of snow! If we could just get there without any severe weather.

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